New Cosmetics


TOSKANIcosmetics have developed a new premium medical cosmetic range of products, thanks to their research which dates back to the 90s and their constant search for active ingredients to help solve all types of skin disorders.

Their expertise and knowledge in the development of cosmetic formulas with highly effective and extremely pure and state-of-the-art active substances have taken them to the forefront in the development of skin care products.

The new (RE)EVOLUTION line of products has been designed based on active ingredients used in the TOSKANIcosmetics cocktails and single dose mesotherapy lines to maximise and give a natural continuation at home to the treatment performed by professionals in aesthetic centres. These mesoserums are therefore the evolution of the Toskani line of mesotherapy cocktails, cosmetically reformulated and textured based on hyaluronic acid and the most outstanding components of the cocktails so the patient can intensify and boost professional treatments at home.

(RE)EVOLUTION is a medical cosmetics range that comes from Toskani’s “know-how” in the development of treatment protocols carried out in aesthetic medical centres and also from their close relationships with medical cosmetics and pharmacy professionals.

(RE)EVOLUTION is a product range of potent serums, creams and eye contour products focussed on treating each specific skin problem and skin aging in a rigorous and scientific way with the aim of protecting the skin to the maximum from the effects of aging, due particularly to environmental aggressions, and damage caused by the sun and stress.

(RE)EVOLUTION provides specific and very effective solutions for all skin problem. They are authentic ultra-concentrated serums prepared with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, highly concentrated proteoglycans, pure Vitamin C and other substances. Truly efficient medical cosmetics.

The line extends to creams for continued daily use for all skin types and suitable for all seasons, also based on the same ingredients and compounds in the mesoserums for greater treatment effectiveness.

The (RE)EVOLUTION line of products is designed to minimize all skin reactions such as hyper sensitivities, allergies or general states of skin discomfort.


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