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The Basic and Advanced PDO training days

Thank you for the two day Basic and Advanced PDO training workshop I recently attended at Vida Aesthetics. I have had over 25 years in aesthetic medicine and hence a significant exposure to new technologies, techniques and training. I have been watching the advancement of thread techniques with interest over the decades and can see that, with Dr. Mian’s new ‘MASH’ locked cog thread technique, we are now able to offer our patients a relatively safe, comfortable, predictable outpatient lifting technique that offers skin redraping without excessive volumisation. In addition,¬† and has significant longevity of results. The quality of the teaching and the open access to Dr. Mian’s knowledge, skills and experience was invaluable. The hands on cases provided a wonderful opportunity to bridge the gap between theory and clinical practice and we saw the full array of minor and more significant complications…. always¬† a good thing to take the gloss off the idealisation of any new technique!

Thank you for you time and effort and I would very seriously like to invite you to visit my clinic in Australia and supervise my first few lists and run some workshops if you would like to.
Regardless, I would like to work with you again and continue to develop my experience and gain greater expertise with your technique.
Dr. Asha Ram
Hobart, Australia