High quality aesthetic treatments involves a thorough diagnosis of the patient and takes into account various factors that may be of interest to the patient. The patient’s overall condition must be taken into account, along with prior treatments, possible pregnancies, previous illnesses, lifestyle routines, overall constitution and skin type. There are two types of strategies that need to be applied for the treatment to achieve the desired results.

First treatment Plan
Firstly, certain points need to be determined:

  • Monotherapy or combination therapy
  • What areas of the body need treatment
    Example: If the patient is undergoing facial lipolysis treatment, that procedure needs
    to be carried out first before any other treatment. If the patient requires filler treatment
    or Botox, those procedures can only be decided after a period of six weeks. As
    it is not feasible or even possible to perform many treatments in a period of one day
    as some require recuperation time, the urgent procedure may be carried out first.
    Mesolift can be done simultaneously as large area regeneration therapy. It is very important
    to determine the amount of treatments required and the nature and location
    of them along with the rest period in between.

Question the following points:

  • How many treatments will be required?
  • Will maintenance therapy be required?
  • Will there be a positive result?

The therapy plan for various patients can be constructed for specific individual needs and requirements as the treatments progress. The patients need to be updated during the course of the treatment on the waiting times, the rules they have to abide by for the success of the treatment, and their own chances of success with the treatments.

Second Treatment Plan
Certain anti-aging measures are universally given which include the following:

  • Cut down on calorie intake as age increases
  • Drink enough fluids and water
  • Adequate supply of micronutrients

The way you live has a huge impact on your skin and how you look. Many doctors advise their patients to quit smoking and undergo treatments for the same during Mesotherapy sessions. Weight loss programs are formulated for overweight patients. If muscles have become slack, the use of Electronic toners and exercise machines like Ultratone® and power plate® can often be helpful.

Many working people face a lot of stress in their daily lives and this affects their bodies as their body goes though exhaustion or even burnout. Stress causes many problems like hair loss, premature skin ageing and cellulite. Therapies like Mesostress help in improving psychosomatic dispositions. Mesodrain can be determined in oedema and/or venolymphatic deficiency in the legs. At times, it may be necessary to call in outside experts to advise on a case – like dermatologists, surgeons, anti-aging experts etc. When a person is healthy inside and out, they radiate beauty and confidence. See health and beauty as one entity and advise switching to curative medicine or vice versa if required.

The first consultation is always time intensive as a lot of information, data and patient medical history details must be exchanged for a proper diagnosis to take place. It is imperative for doctors to take their time and thoroughly examine the patient to gain as much information as possible. It is from this first session that a long term relationship may be formed between the doctor and patient which may last for years and provides the confidence and trust in a doctor’s capabilities to address the patient’s problem.

However, that is only the first step. As most information has already been obtained from that first visit, the subsequent sessions move along pretty quickly. The patient needs to have patience with the treatment and the doctor requires skill and experience as the treatments may take time for results to show. The reward of the patience is that they will enjoy long term effects of stimulated repair. As with any ‘quick-fix’ method, those are not reliable, are short term and do not solve the problem. Patients are advised against choosing those kind of treatments, specially before important events like marriages, interviews etc. as they may not be aware of any side effects which may harm them in the long run.