There are many options for a business to take to capture the public’s interest.

  1. Competitions: You could run a competition in the local newspaper where a certain amount of selected winners would win goody bags (which would be, of course, provided by your clinic.) Their replies could be added to your marketing database, and also their comments on the products could be used as future marketing material.
  2. Press Exposure: Editors of local newspapers and magazines are a good source ofmedia connections. Invite them to try treatments in your clinic, and they will in turn give you a mention in their respective Medias. This is one good way of gaining wider reach with a minimum investment.
  3. Open Days: Check your client database and bring up clients who have not visited theclinic for more than 6 months. Invite them to try out the new treatments introduced in the clinic. One smart way is to apply the treatments on only one side of the face, for them to see visible results, and offer a good discount on any treatments booked the same day.
  4. Special Events: You could plan special event for your targeted clients and potential clients, and another generic event for everyone on special annual holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day etc. Ensure that you are tracking the cost involved in this option as you will need to designate someone to be in charge of the promotional tactics. Be very clear what you are expecting from this option.