While you work for the clinic, you are a representative of the clinic to all clients. This means that what you do reflects on the entire team and the business as a whole. This is an important point to be remembered while dealing with customers.

How to make clients happy?

There are simple steps to ensure your clients leave your clinic happy customers.

  • Plan for anticipated questions and situations and endeavor to answer them before they are asked.
  • Always maintain eye contact – this simple act shows trust and also you are better equipped to anticipate any client needs.
  • Be attentive to all customer needs.

The Welcome

As the first impression is a lasting impression, make sure that clients are greeted with a warm welcome. Be yourself as when you are fake it shows. Smile and definitely include the word ‘Welcome’. A smile is a definite requirement, but a welcome is not truly a welcome with no smile. If possible, address the client by their first name to bring a feeling of personal closeness and familiarity. Ask a few questions at the end of the treatment to find out if they truly enjoyed the experience.

“I hope you enjoyed out treatment, Mrs. Smith.”

“Was everything to your satisfaction?”

This kind of questions shows that you care about the client.