There are simple things to do and say to ensure that the client leaves the clinic feeling happy with the service. You should follow this basic 1-10-100 rule for complaints.

To fix a complaint in 1 hour costs £1

To fix a complaint in 1 day costs £10

To fix a complaint in 1 week costs £100

Advice for businesses

  • Always say ‘Thank you’ to all customers as they leave the clinic. Good manners always leave a good impression on everyone. Wish them a safe journey and to look forward to seeing them again soon.
  • Give your clients your full attention and this will ensure that they become life-long customers.
  • Make sure that you are different from the competition and go the extra mile so that the client can see the difference between attitudes and treatment from other clinics.
  • Always be well presented and groomed. First impressions make a huge difference, and if the client sees a well dressed person, they will automatically assume that the clinic is reputable and would come back. Hygiene is a huge part of the visible representation of the clinic by its employees.