Many therapists focus on their jobs but are hesitant on sales and this is the main reason why this guide has been carefully created by us at Vida Aesthetics.

  • Understanding your client: You should always remember that your client has walked into your clinic in the hope of looking younger or to have clear skin. Whatever their requirements, it is up to you to make them leave your clinic satisfied with your treatment. If they leave dissatisfied, you would have lost a potential long term customer and word of mouth can be detrimental to your business if the information is bad. If they are happy, you have the chance to provide year long treatment with various skin care products which ensures future business.
  • What are clients paying for: Clients are looking for results and if you can convince them of your treatments or products, then they are paying for solutions to their problems which could range from aging, dull skin complexion etc. Think of your treatments as solutions to their problems.
  • How to be clear on what clients want: Listening is the key. Ask relevant questions, answer their queries, offer sound advice and pay attention to their answers and body language.
  • Completing the sale: When the treatment is over and you are clear on what the client is looking for, prescribe the treatment and some products. Be matter of fact with the benefits so they know that those products are to help with the after care of the treatment. The customers are looking to buy a solution, and you are there to provide one.

Tips on product sales:
One tip to ensure that your sales increase with one client visit is to separate products into two groups and inform the client that while one batch of products is absolutely essential for their after treatment care, the other batch are equally important, but they can be used in the future. Then remind them that the first batch is vital for them. Ask them which ones to purchase for final billing and you should have increased sales by this small tip.

Always remember, that if they don’t buy from you, your competitor is just waiting round the corner to make the sale. Check your revenue to understand how you could increase it with minimal changes.