That one hour of private time with your client is the perfect opportunity for you to get your clients attention to work to your advantage. With no distractions, that one hour is a golden time to direct her subtly towards other products and treatments.

Always ease it into a conversation. They shouldn’t feel that they are being pressured into buying a product they don’t want. Be concerned, attentive, ask questions. Make a little polite conversation, then start talking about the treatment they are getting and how their skin will improve. Advise them on care techniques and certain creams that may help them during their care schedule.

Use simple terms in conversation while talking about products and their benefits. The client should feel that they can relate to what you are talking about, and explain about the benefits of the products for the skin. Use words like rejuvenation, fresh, reduce wrinkles – these are the words that women want to hear but may not necessarily tell you. They want those results and will be happy customers after that one hour session.