The process of documentation includes compiling all important patient data like age, gender, medical past, relevant illnesses, medication history and earlier treatments. All medical procedures and treatments of your patient should be documented in your patient’s file. A good and effective form of documentation is a digital photo compilation of before, during and after treatment images. Before any treatment can be carried out on the patient, there must be written consent from the patient after all relevant information and data has been exchanged.

As just having written data proving the effectiveness of a treatment is not totally convincing, expressive images have been used to capture the success of non-invasive treatments and procedures used in medical aesthetics. Professionally captured photographs that show the treatment step by step play a vital part in this specialized field. These days, using photographs as evidence and proof of a treatment’s success has been widely embraced by many medical fields and has proven to be a great point of reference during consultations. Professional standard photographs provide safeguard in any disputes that may occur, as well as increasing clients’ loyalty over the course of a treatment and has become standardized procedure in many practices.