You must walk the talk. Deliver on what you have promised in your ads and see that your customer walks away happy. She must be absolutely overwhelmed with the great experience she had in your clinic. These days, with more competition and more products, clients are getting pampered like never before. With high expectations, they have come to expect the best. With the increase in expectations, you must also step up to meet the demand. If you fail along the way, that client can easily go elsewhere where she is guaranteed the special experience that you promised.

No matter how great a product is, if it is not marketed well, that product will never do well. A lot of businesses rely on a strong marketing and sales team to convince the market that their product is truly a ‘must-have’. Spend some time educating your team on Sales and Marketing pitches, brainstorming for new promotional events and deals, team motivation and offering starter pack examples to increase revenue and profits.