Don’t make things complicated by entering too many details that are not relevant. Plan to retain only vital information for your business on an organized tool like a spreadsheet programme like Microsoft Excel. This could also be used for budgeting and accounts planning. Always update your data to keep on top of your competitors.

How is the existing data useful?

This data is extremely valuable as you will then be able to regularly communicate with them to inform them of new promotional events, discounts, special deals and new treatments. A simple follow up letter a short duration after their last visit will ensure that they are up to date with your clinic’s plans. Also, invite them to any open days you may have planned so that they get to see new treatments or products that may help them with their skin problems.

Be positive and don’t assume that because they haven’t returned to the clinic that they are not interested. Various factors like work and personal life may be big factors in response delay. Send out a mailer every 2 months or so to your client database, but it is to be noted that only 2% of people actually reply. However, as you keep sending out mailers, you could be generating new clients, and also the next 2% could be an entirely different batch of clients from the previous 2%.

Importance of New Clients

It is imperative to keep in touch with new clients as they could prove to be long term costumers. As generating new business is an expensive affair, a simple loyalty program could pay dividends. Offer this program to your clients so that they can avail of discounts on their next appointment. This is a simple tool in retaining clients.