There are three types of clients:

1) Dissatisfied:

  • Every business faces a few disgruntled customers. If clients are dissatisfied, they will
    do one of two options – complain and then leave or leave without complaining. Of
    the two, the latter is worse as bad news tends to travel fast and those dissatisfied
    customers will tell all their friends and family about their experience. The ones who
    do complain are actually giving you an opportunity to settle the matter and make
    it right, and you should use this opportunity to retain a customer by doing the
  • Thank them for bringing their bad experience to light
  • Apologize
  • Offer to rectify the matter by offering discounts or other tactics as you deem fit
  • Go a little beyond your way to make the client feel comfortable.

As clients only complain if they feel they were forced into the treatment, or if they felt the
experience was below expectations, they can be converted into happy clients if you play
your cards right and handle the matter with professionalism and skill.
2) Satisfied:

  • This is the medium level group that most companies aim for. However, only satisfied customers don’t go and spread the good news as they take the service for granted. They come into the clinic expecting certain results and don’t see it as anything out of the ordinary when those results are obtained. It is only extreme ends of the spectrum that generate any verbal publicity.

3) Happy:

  • This type of a client is the best to have as they will return to your clinic time and again to bring you business and spread the word about your fantastic treatments. They are made to feel special in your clinic and this makes them guaranteed recurring clients. Happy clients also take the time to thank certain staff they feel who were exceptional and mention them in a letter or card. This category is the main reason why you should aim to make all your customers not just satisfied, but absolutely over the moon happy!