It is important to get necessary information from the client like:

  • What is their skincare routine
  • How much time do they devote for skin care
  • What results are they hoping to achieve

Asking questions is the first step to obtaining vital information. It is important to know how to phrase questions to your client. A few examples are:

“What is your current skin care routine?”

“What cleansers do you use?”

“Do you follow your cleansing with a moisturiser?”

Treatment Benefits

Even if the client has had prior treatments or consultations, stress upon the benefits of the particular treatment they are receiving. Find out your client’s problem areas so that you are better able to offer specific treatments to help solve it.

Expected Results

Explain the benefits and immediate results of the current treatment, but also stress the benefits of undergoing a series of treatments. Recommend a few homeware products and inform the client that after thorough examination and analysis of their skin during the treatment, you will write out a personal plan specifically designed for the client.

Half Face Visual Results

The best way to show immediate results is to do the treatment on half of the clients face so they can see the visual difference for themselves. Such marketing tactics are the most effective as they show actual results which the client can see for themselves. After letting them inspect their face in the mirror, and after they have seen visible results, you may commence on completing the other side.


After reviewing the results together, the client and the therapist can discuss further courses of treatments and the future benefits of taking them. Use your earlier notes during the consultation and the clients’ expectations to come up with a plan.

Homeware Introduction

After the treatment, show the client a few products and explain that the results obtained can be prolonged with the use of homecare products. Letting the client touch a sample of the product will help them decide better.

Further bookings

It should be emphasized upon the client that results are visible only after a series of treatments and a homecare regime so it is most likely that they will be back for a second consultation. If they are not due for any consultations, book them in for a 15 minute follow up where you can check if they are following their skin care regime and if they are happy and satisfied with it. You can also suggest other treatments.