With any medical procedure, the patient needs to be given detailed and comprehensive information about their situation and the treatment they will be getting. The more invasive the procedure, the more details should be given to the patient. This data should include the risks and side effects of the treatment, any special features, future consequences, the duration of its effects and the expected result.

It is imperative to respect the patient’s wishes at all times. The doctor should also exhaust all other possible alternatives and caution the patient about the use of off label medicines. This kind of information is passed in a written format and also in a private one to
one consultation. For all processes, the information sheets must be signed by the patient. It is not sufficient to hand over a standard form; even the form detailing the cost of treatment requires the patient’s signature. In addition to all this, the information session should involve a discussion of the therapy goal with courses for individual treatments, the amount of sessions required, the schedule of the treatments and the pre and post treatment rules.

Pre-treatment rules for the patient

  • The patient must avoid taking aspirin or any enzyme product at least two days prior to
    a mesotherapy treatment.
  • The patient must inform the doctors or medical practitioners about any medication they may be currently taking, their medical past and if they are pregnant.
  • They must inform the therapist of any allergies
  • They must inform about any reaction to keloids or pigment disorders
  • Skin or hair must be washed before treatment. Skin must be cleansed only with soap
    and water without using any skin care products
  • No immunizations can be administered one week before mesotherapy treatments.

Post Treatment Rules for the patient

  • For a period of 24 hours after treatment, the patient cannot indulge in full baths, saunas, mudpacks or lymphatic drainage
  • For a period of 48 hours, the patient must avoid sunbathing or visits to tanning salons
  • The patient should avoid wearing tight, new or coloured clothing that may come in contact with the treated area.
  • The patient should avoid using creams, powders and ointments unless directed by the physician.
  • For a period of 52 hours after the treatment, the patient must not undergo radiotherapy or electrotherapy
  • After a period of 24 hours, the patient may resume normal skincare