Being a great salesperson doesn’t mean that you aggressively push all your products at clients. It means that you should be a good listener to understand what they are looking for in your products and treatments and what they are hoping to achieve. A lot of people cannot afford to buy all the products no matter how tempting they may sound, so break down the costs. Understand their needs and suggest appropriate products that they would like to use and suggest other products for future care.

Even the simple task of writing a list should offer more. The final transaction of handing over the client’s purchases should be done in a well presented way. If you wrap the purchases in attractive paper with a ribbon, they will remember that more than any other gesture or words you may have used to convince them about the Clinic and its treatments. Women like to be pampered, and everybody loves good presentation. This makes them feel that they are walking away with a gift.

If it is possible, try to entice the client for future treatments with attractive offers before they leave the clinic. You can do this by asking them to book an appointment for a future date on the same day to earn big savings and avail of great money saving deals. Don’t make the mistake of concentrating on sales, and not enough on the nitty gritty details of the business.