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After reaching the age of 25, we lose up to 1.5% of collagen from our skin each year thereafter.Nithya Injectable Collagen

The resulting appearance of wrinkles due to the loss of our natural collagen can be mitigated by replenishing it and this can now be achieved through treatment with collagen, a product designed for the regeneration and reconstruction of tissues.

Is a Class III medical device. It is a heterologous Type I collagen powder which stimulates the production of new fibroblasts to create native Type III collagen, a process that is fundamental in cosmetic medicine and anti-aging treatments. In the form of a lyophilized collagen patch, this product has been used for almost 30 years and is still successfully used today to affect the healing of skin ulcers, open wounds, scars and bedsores.

Each package  consists of a glass bottle containing equine type I collagen in powder form, sterile and pyrogen-free.

Is safe, with no reported side effects, is hypoallergenic and gives excellent results. Used in combination with lidocaine, the surgery procedure is virtually painless and is the only commercially available Type I collagen intended for aesthetic surgery. The product bears the CE 0373 mark.

It produces the optimal conditions to restore connective tissue. It supplements dermal bio-revitalization and assists the regeneration of connective tissue in the dermis proving perfect conditions for the physiological neo-formation of collagen. Can be used for body and facial chrono- and photo-aging treatments.

Packaged for single use and must be placed in suspension immediately before use in

nithya Collagen


WFI (Water For Injection) at a ratio of a vial of collagen to 5 ml of WFI. Once in suspension, the product should be used immediately and any remaining following the treatment should be discarded. Using the appropriate size needles from 32G x 2 mm up to 30G x 4 mm, the product is administered through intradermal infiltration by medical practitioners licensed to carry out such treatments. The technical skill of the practitioner is key to the success of the treatment so it is recommended that the practitioner receives specific training on the mesotherapic injection technique.

No patch test needed

Nithya is an heterologous, Native type I collagen. When the collagen is native it reduces almost to zero the presence of free telopeptides, source of allergenicity. It can be defined native because it preserves  the same  physic and chemical characteristics,  typical  of  collagen in the living organism (same sequence and composition  of aminoacids, same moleculare structure); the collagen protein retains its native triple helix structure and there are no free telopeptides.

Furthermore to obtain the certification we perform cytotoxicity, allergenic and skin irritability tests
in order to proof that the product is safe and that doesn’t have any contraindications.


What are the advantages to using Nithya collagen compared to Bovine collagen?
3% of the population are allergic to Bovine collagen, equine collagen has not shown this in studies. Bovine collagen is also extracted from the hind and not directly from the tendon so the quality is far less superior.  We only ever train qualified health professionals. The product is a natural product and no cases of allergy have been reported.
The reason of the allergic reactions caused by bovine collagen is connected to the source and extraction process. The collagen is usually extracted by the bovine derma which has a less pure source compared to the tendon, therefore during the extraction process the collagen fibre is cut and consequently free polypeptides are the ones which can cause allergic reactions to bovine collagen.
Equine collagen is a much more popular choice compared to bovine collagen because the aminoacid sequence is much more similar to the human one which makes it work much better with the human body and enhances the results from the collagen.
Nithya is a naturally derived source of collagen that stimulates your bodies collagen production.
Nithya was developed in Italy.  Is safe, with no reported side effects, is hypoallergenic and gives excellent results.

What are the differences between type 1 and type 3 collagen?

Type 1 is the most numerous in number among all collagen types. It can be found in bones, skin and intervertebral disks. It can also be found in scar tissue.

Type 3 is the second most abundant collagen in the body. It is closely related to collagen type 1 in the terms of location and manner of synthesis. It is primarily located in the intestinal walls, muscles and blood vessels, although it can also be found with collagen type 1. Type 1 and type 3 can be mixed together to create supplements for the skin, bone and muscle.

Each package consists of a glass bottle containing equine type I collagen in powder form, sterile and pyrogen-free.


nithya_inject_altaInjectable collagen training

This aesthetic medical training course provides medical professionals with the knowledge which will allow them to immediately incorporate this aesthetic procedure into a new or existing practice. Hands-on training is provided during the session, allowing participants to begin performing procedures straightaway. The course also covers best business practices and is recognised by Cosmetic Insure. Participants will receive a course manual, sample consent and treatment forms and a Certificate of Training upon completion of the course. All products and models are provided by Vida Aesthetics at no additional cost to the participants (unless participant chooses to be a model).




Nithya has been selected as a finalist for The Aesthetics Awards 2016 in the category The Sterimedix Award for Injectable Product of the Year.

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betty-21Results after 3 treatments 15 days apart.

nithia-results-dr-kumkumResults after the 1st treatment, picture taken 10 days after the treatment, carried out by Dr. Kumkum

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