Mesotherapy Gun Pistor Eliance

Responding to customers’ expectations and their changing needs, MI Medical Innovation has developed a new generation mesotherapy gun: PISTOR Eliance.

  • Offers the most comprehensive menu injection settings available in the present market.
  • The gun’s lightness and ergonomic design facilitate handling.
  • The increased power enables use of active solutions with a high viscosity index.
  • The gentle and silent action enhances patient and practitioner well-being.
  • Memory Program for ‘most used settings’

Leasing options available from £18 + VAT per week
Prices exclude VAT and are subject to status.

Ergonomic design serving the practitioner and the patient
Developed in close cooperation with a design office and mesotherapy practitioners, PISTOR Eliance enables the physician to administer treatment in enhanced comfort and thus with more efficacy and less fatigue.

Particularly gentle and quiet, gun use is virtually painless for patients even in sensitive areas such as the scalp or face.

The electronics incorporated in PISTOR Eliance enables easy and precise adjustments of penetration depth, injection volume and injection time.

Easy and customisable programming
For user convenience the previous setting is stored.
PISTOR Eliance is equipped with an ergonomic control panel for tactile control management enabling fast and easy specific programming and selection from 6 pre-programmed injection modes. The settings, which are highly precise, facilitate treatment implementation and ensure exceptional reliability of delivery.

Power enabling all medical practices
Incorporating the very latest components , PISTOR Eliance is suitable for injecting solutions with a high viscosity index, such as hyaluronic acid (viscosity index: 5,500 Pa/s).

PISTOR Eliance It has been designed to facilitate its use under all treatment conditions :
Ambidextrous : as easy to use with the left hand as with the right
All countries : the new generation battery recharges on both 220V/50 Hz and 110V/60 Hz power supplies
Safe : PISTOR Eliance automatically switches to standby mode in the event of an error in use
Multidisciplinary : suitable for pain treatment, trauma therapy, general medicine, sports medicine, aesthetic medicine, etc.


The Best Buy!   Why?

Some mesotherapy gun suppliers claim their devices are pain free.
How can they claim it is pain free when a needle is injected into the skin? Using the same gauge and the same depth, the only difference could be the speed of the injection.
We talk about the technology in our mesogun, about the straight forward settings, the ease of setting up the gun, the safety modes that avoid unwanted surprises, the pre-programmed modes for hair, face and body, the price of the disposables, the portable aspect of the Mesogun (without the cables and tubes attached to compressors and the noise if a compressor is involved), the variety of syringes that you can use on the gun from 1ml to 10ml and the fact that you can buy needles or syringes from any supplier and you are not locked in to buying from one source. I can go on but I think you get the gist.
We are happy to claim that, in our opinion, we have the most advanced gun in the world market but don’t take my word for it. If you have in mind buying a Mesogun, try them all if you have the time. After all it’s not only the money, it’s what they offer you as a tool in your clinic. Try them on your own skin and experience the difference in pain, if there is any. Do book a treatment in as a client, experience the handling of the gun and then make a conscious decision. Finally, don’t listen only to the sales person and don’t listen to me either – book a demo.

Some of the terms used when referring to injection devices utilised in Mesotherapy are mesogun, injection gun, mesotherapy gun, pistolets and automatic injector. Just like mesotherapy itself, injection devices used in mesotherapy have gone through many generations of evolution.

When choosing a device for your practice, you’ll need to think through the following points;

Free or tethered – When the gun is unrestrained, the practitioner can move freely around the patient. This can be beneficial in lymphatic drainage treatments or Mesolift as cables can be restrictive.

Noise – Try and determine noise levels produced by the hand held device and remote compressor if present. Too much noise can be distracting.

Ergonomic – As with any hand held device, you need to feel comfortable with it in use.

Portable – Is portability important to you? Devices with a remote compressor will be less (if at all) mobile.

Product wastage – Does the path from the syringe to the patient include areas where product remains after the treatment is over? This could be product that is wasted.

Consumables – All devices have single use consumables associated with their use and these could mount up to a significant cost per treatment. Understand the costs per treatment for the consumables.

Speed– Higher injector speeds usually means less penetration and reduced product infiltration. This could mean sufficient product does not reach the depth where is can be most efficient so lead to more wastage. Is high speed relevant to your treatment?

Depth – If you plan to treat cellulite, check that the maximum depth of injection obtainable is 13mm.

Flexibility- Modern injectors all consist of hand held devices upon which a single syringe and needle unit is mounted. The available functions vary depending on the injector. These devices range from fully automatic to semi-automatic. Functions often include continuous versus intermittent injection, variability of rate of injection or frequency of the intermittent mode, variability of depth of injection and capability of the device to accommodate various syringe and needle sizes.


Having tried several meso injectors before buying the Pistor Eliance, I am delighted that I chose this device. I find it reliable, very mobile and easy to use. There are selectable, pre-defined settings that enable me to pick different techniques of injecting depending on the treatment I am performing and my clients tell me that the gun makes it virtually pain free. It’s quiet and looks professional and is a winner in my eyes.
Jolanta Markowicz RGN NIP, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

I have found the Pistor Eliance to be an asset to the practice. It has enabled me to provide a more consistent treatment and improved results, Patients love the results and the delivery of the treatment is virtually pain free. I have also managed to reduce the time it takes to carry out the treatment allowing me to increase the number of sessions I can provide throughout the working day. It’s also light on consumables and the programmable modes take the guesswork out of providing the correct treatment method. In addition, due to its low weight and ergonomic design, I do not get tired using it and find the portability of the device invaluable as I move around the treatment table or between clinics
Juan Lopez, Nurse Prescriber

Why selecting to use the Pistor Eliance gun above all other available mesoguns on the market in Mesotherapy treatments:
To choose the optimal “medical” instrument is like choosing the right concert grand piano for the specific concert hall the music will be performed in. It needs to deliver the critical full range of criteria to be met! The doctor and the patients have expectations as does the public with a critical ear for music. The gun incorporates all the features you expect a reliable efficient medical tool to possess. In addition it is elegant, light and easy to handle and hold, precise and reliable and versatile in its options and settings, offering the exact required injection modes needed for all meso treatments, whether they are aesthetic or medical. A must to have in any meso practice that loves its patients and loves to achieve outstanding results!
Dr. Berlinde Drucker

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