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Jalucomplex – biorevitalizing linear Hyaluronic Acid

Jalucomplex is a linear, revitalizing hyaluronic acid, fully absorbable and safe. Jalucomplex is created and entirely made within Bioformula’s Italian laboratories by highly qualified staff with high quality raw materials. As a result the product ensures astounding results from the very first injection. Bioformula® well-known to produce its products using Hyaluronic... read more ❯

Plenhyage – single polynucleotide based biorevitalizer

Plenhyage, an innovative treatment in a single polynucleotides-based product. Plenhyage effectively revitalizes, restores and repairs skin damages and guarantees an optimum performance. Polynucleotide chains not only attract water molecules, but also combat free radicals, acting as scavengers of the OH hydroxyl radicals; which tend to accumulate following stress, cellular... read more ❯