luxury vegan skincare

Vida For You ia a vegan, green brand free from any silicons, parabens, mineral oils and is cruelty free. Vida For You is the MUST HAVE vegan skin care brand.

Vida For You is a luxury, vegan certified skincare range. Combining science, new technologies and formulated and enriched with rare and precious vegan active ingredients. With subtle fragrances Vida For You renews and enhances the appearance of skin. Only the purest ingredients, ethically sourced, are used in the Vida For You range of vegan products.

Certification has been granted by the Italian Vegan certification body specializing in cosmetics and medication. Full compliance has been confirmed with the Vegan principles and international standards criteria.

The Vida for You range of vegan, green certified luxury skincare, contain active ingredients ethically sourced from nature. Ingredients include plant stem cells from chilli peppers to increase cell metabolism, and viability and act as an intensive antioxidant and Lycopene from bio-liquefied tomato peels. Lycopene’s antioxidant capacity and its ability to reduce the damage of UV rays make it a valuable weapon in the battle against skin aging. Vida For You utilises white truffle extract to act as a multi-functional anti-aging agent on the skin, the mullein flower, Luminescine, is able to radiate light directly from the skin, making it brighter and with a more youthful and healthy appearance. Protecting from redness, the onset of rosacea and soothing skin irritations, Extract of Rocket strengthens the body’s endogenous defence system. ’Mediterranean aloe’, the prickly pear, is a natural product with moisturizing and soothing properties.

Reglow Diamond Elixir

Vegan advanced formula for Lightening and Brightening. Easily absorbed, delicate formula with a light texture.

Replenish Gold Elixir

Vegan luxurious easily absorbed serum with a silky texture.

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