Vida For You launches a new luxurious vegan and skincare brand

Vida For You is a luxurious, Vegan, green skincare range. The Vida For You collection combines science, new technologies and, formulated and enriched with rare and precious Vegan active ingredients, shows proven results in skincare.  Vida For You range is also suitable for kosher and halal consumers. Only the purest ingredients, ethically sourced, are used in the Vida For You range of vegan products. All products of the Vida For You collection are free of banned ingredients and have been formulated in full compliance with the rules of International Vegan standards. Certification has been granted by  the Italian Vegan certification body specializing in cosmetics and medication, validated the products as being fully compliant with Vegan principles and international standards criteria. In addition to being vegan, Vida For You has the characteristics that we believe Halal cosmetics must possess.

The Vida for You range of vegan, green certified luxury skincare products contain active ingredients ethically sourced from nature. The Vida For You collection utilises Lycopene from bio-liquefied tomato peels. Lycopene’s antioxidant capacity and its ability to reduce the damage of UV rays make it a valuable weapon in the battle against skin aging. Skin energy follows the 24 hour, circadian rhythm and Vida For You utilises REVITALIN® PF, with its energy-providing actives produced by fermentation of baker’s yeast, to ensure high energy levels and an all day long youthful, glowing complexion. Oil extracted from olive leaves (Folia Oleae) is used in selected products to act as a natural antiseptic and extract from White Lily bulbs and flowers, used in traditional phytotherapy as an analgesic, anti-irritant and relaxing remedy, brings a soothing and emollient effect due to the presence of flavonoids.